Job: 2017-2018 Certified Instructional Technology Specialist

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

                                                    Instructional Technology Specialist (1 position)

                                               (FULL TIME TEACHER POSITION AVAILABLE FOR 2017-18)


  • Arizona certified elementary or secondary teacher.
  • Will work towards any certification endorsement requirements.
  • At least three years of teaching experience with excellent evaluations as evidenced by principal’s evaluation and student learning.
  • Demonstrates evidence of advanced training and proficiency in the use of technology integrated into the daily curriculum.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and proficiency of state and national technology standards, Arizona Academic Standards, and Cartwright School District adopted curriculum and materials.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in delivery of professional development for teachers.
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities and works comfortably with adults.
  • Evidence of proficiency with instructional technology including the use of word processing software, spreadsheets, databases, graphics, research and information searches, desktop publishing, video production, presentation software, digital cameras, scanners, collaboration tools, web tools, and other appropriate software and hardware.
  • Views self as a learner and seeks professional challenges.
  • Stays focused, open and committed to a set of beliefs with a willingness to accept the challenges of sharing a strong and committed belief in integrating technology into the curriculum.
  • Committed to ongoing professional development in technology curriculum integration as evidenced by working with colleagues, attending and presenting at conferences, workshops and classes.
  • Demonstrated ability in working with diverse populations (ELL, Special Ed., Gifted, etc.)
  • Holds high expectations for her/himself and colleagues, as well as students.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in communicating in a meaningful way with all stakeholders regarding integration of technology across the curriculum.
  • Evidence of collaborative skills.
  • Evidence of leadership in delivery of professional development for teachers.
  • Evidence of independent decision-making skills.
  • Spanish speaking ability desirable.
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

REPORTS TO:  Director of STEM and Professional Learning Communities

Assistant Director or STEM and College and Career Readiness

Assistant Director of Math and Science



Responsibilities are determined in part by the goals and objectives outlined by the Educational Services Strategic Plan. They shall include but not be limited to:

  1. Provides classroom support in effective integration of technology specific to STEM, Computer, Technical Education, and ITECS classrooms, as well as supporting and coaching teachers and schools on a consistent basis.
  2. Works with Director of STEM and Professional Learning Communities in providing resources that promotes academic achievement for all students.
  3. Plans and facilitates ongoing monthly meetings which focus on developing teacher knowledge of national and state educational technology standards to Career and Technical Education teachers, ITECS teachers, and additional groups as assigned.
  4. In addition to ongoing integration efforts, provides classroom support consistent with the goals of STEM Department of Educational Services in the Cartwright School District. This may include observing teachers, modeling effective use of technology for teacher, co-planning with teachers, providing resources and conducting dialogue sessions.
  5. Participates in and facilitates staff development activities such as content workshops, summer institutes and monthly meetings.
  6. Plans and facilitates professional development for new and continuing teachers and provides follow-up and support throughout the year.
  7. Provides training for all certified and classified instructional staff and administrators on instructional practices that effectively integrate technology.
  8. Continues own professional development through at least the following activities: involvement in professional organizations; attendance and presentation at professional conferences; facilitation of colleague visits and school visitations; preparation of publications, and continuous professional reading.
  9. Models effective uses of technology for professional productivity such as in presentations, record keeping, data analysis, research and communications.
  10. Assists the Director of STEM and Professional Learning Communities with the ongoing development of the Cartwright School District Educational Technology Plan as a document that serves as a guide for practice and is correlated to the goals of Educational Services.
  11. Assists in the implementation of the Cartwright School District Educational Technology Plan involving Career and Technical Education and ITECS and district-wide technology implementation and sustainability.
  12. Assists with inventory and management of devices for all Career and Technical Education programs and ITECS programs.
  13. Supports with the creation and management of student e-mail accounts and applications related to technology integration
  14. Coaches teachers on the integration of technology to support teaching and learning for all students by integrating instructional technology across the curriculum.
  15. Collaborates with Directors in Educational Services to develop and implement a matrix for instructional technology embedded into all curriculum and resulting performance assessments for students using technology as a tool.
  16. Employs multiple measures and flexible assessment strategies to determine staff technology proficiency and use of technology with students in alignment with established technology standards (self-assessment, school wide assessment, and district wide assessment). Use this data to inform professional development planning.
  17. Provides a variety of professional development opportunities that emphasizes technology links to student achievement including site specific needs, Go Sign Me Up courses, facilitating webinars for teachers, etc.
  18. Supports the District student achievement initiatives by assisting teachers and administrators in using technology to access, analyze, and interpret student performance data via ATI and additional assessment tools to use results to appropriately design, assess and modify student instruction.
  19. Actively seeks external funding and resources to support the visionary use to leverage instructional technology integration.
  20. Collaborates with Director of STEM and Professional Learning Communities to establish hardware and software instructional priorities for purchase.
  21. Provides ongoing exceptional customer service to all administrators, teachers, students, and parents.
  22. Collaborates and supports other departments and schools to educate Cartwright parents on district technology initiatives.
  23. Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Adopted Teacher Calendar and Salary Schedule plus addendum for summer school and jump start coordinating.

Candidates must submit the following to Human Resources:

  1. External candidates should complete an on-line certified application and Internal candidates should complete an on-line certified Internal
  2. A copy of a current Arizona Certificate.
  3. A current Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card or proof of application for an Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card.


Contact Person:

Cartwright School District

Becky Banks, Human Resources

(623) 691-3911   Fax: (623) 691-4079

Lydia Delgado, Human Resources

(623) 691-4075   Fax: (623) 691-4079

Heather Salazar, Human Resources

(623) 691-5946   Fax: (623) 691-4079

Primary Location: District Wide

Shift Type: Full-Time

Job Contact Information

Applications will be accepted
Friday, March 10, 2017 12:00 AM  -
Tuesday, March 21, 2017 11:59 PM
(Mountain Standard Time)


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