Job Description


                                           Assistant Director of Mathematics and Science

JOB GOAL:   The Assistant Director of Mathematics and Science is responsible for the development of an overall focus on the quality of instruction and assessment in mathematics and science using a variety of research proven strategies and methodologies.


  • At least five (5) years successful teaching experience in grades K-8.
  • Current Arizona Administrative Certificate
  • Site level administrative experience preferred
  • At least three (3) years of demonstrated proficiency in participatory leadership.
  • Knowledge of national standards, Arizona College and Career Ready Standards, and Arizona English language learner standards.
  • Knowledge of national mathematics and science standards.
  • Demonstrates knowledge in teaching mathematics and science to diverse student populations as it applies to upper elementary grade levels to include Middle School.
  • Evidence of leadership in delivery of professional development for teachers and administrators.
  • Demonstrates ability to communicate in oral and written form.
  • Sufficient knowledge and understanding of Mathematics and Science instruction and models for student learning.
  • Sufficient knowledge of STEM integration strategies.
  • Evidence of problem-solving ability.
  • Evidence of independent decision-making skills.
  • Evidence of collaborative skills.
  • Demonstrates ability to be resourceful and flexible.
  • Willingness to perform up to the highest measure of competence.
  • Respected professionally.
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.


REPORTS TO:           Director of STEM and PLC



Responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Responsible for design, delivery and alignment of curricula to the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards, Arizona English Language Learner Standards, national content standards and district assessments with the specific outcome of improving student achievement for all students.
  2. Monitors the use of Arizona College and Career Ready Standards as guides to instruction in the areas of mathematics, science, and technology.
  3. Guides development, implementation, and evaluation of mathematics, science, technology materials, and curricula.
  4. Assists in the development and coordination of the sections of the budget that pertain to mathematics, science, and instructional technology.
  5. Directs creation of and edits for publication all materials prepared by and to be distributed among the instructional staff for mathematics, science, and technology.
  6. Independent action, initiative, and a sense of urgency, and the ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them.
  7. Able to react and adjust quickly to changing conditions and come up with practical ideas for dealing with them.
  8. Able to handle challenge and pressure, and people and problems must be handled with confidence and determination.
  9. Self assurance and competitive drive.
  10. Able to handle strong demand for high quality, organized and repeatable results.
  11. Task-focused job, requiring directive leadership style that encourages results driven collaboration.
  12. Strategic, big-picture thinking backed by an added focus on the tactical aspects of work.
  13. Setting and achieving specific standards for self and for others; an emphasis on quality (quality control).
  14. Lively and incisive communicator who can stimulate influence on others.
  15. Creates a disciplined process to improve K-8 math instruction.
  16. Works with the Educational Service team in the implementation of school improvement strategies related to mathematics, science, and instructional technology.
  17. Provides support and training in mathematics, science and the use of technology in instruction to teachers as well as school leaders and site administrators.
  18. Supports District-wide focus meetings related to subject matter.
  19. Develops and fosters school leadership related to subject matter and school improvement.
  20. Facilitates the adoption process for each content area.
  21. Works with Educational Services team to develop meaningful understanding of data for teachers, support staff and administrators. Uses District approved assessments as sources of data to enhance student learning in assigned content area.
  22. Prepares reports for administration and the Governing Board.
  23. Cooperatively participates with the Educational Services Team in program evaluation.
  24. Serves as a technical advisor to principals and teachers.
  25. Maintains active participation with educational leaders in mathematics and science at state, regional, and national levels.
  26. Studies and evaluates, and as appropriate recommends adoption of new instructional materials, methods, and programs, and assist In budget preparation for newly approved instructional programs as related to instructional supplies, equipment, and materials needed for mathematics and science instruction.
  27. Supports the ongoing development of the Cartwright School District Educational Technology Plan as a document that serves as a guide for practice and is correlated to the goals of the LEA plan.
  28. Supports the implementation of the Cartwright School District Educational Plan.
  29. Support administrators in continuous learning in math and science.
  30. Evaluates Math Content Specialists.
  31. Keeps abreast of developments in math and science, and involves leadership in determining their appropriateness for inclusion in the district educational program.
  32. Continues personal professional development through involvement In professional organizations and by attending and presenting at professional conferences, conducting colleague visits, facilitating school visitations, writing for publication, and professional reading.
  33. Performs other job-related duties as assigned.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:     Employment year is twelve months.

                                             Salary and fringe benefits as approved by the Governing Board.




Contact Person:                                 Cartwright School District

                                                            Becky Banks, Human Resources

                                                            (623) 691-3911 Fax:(623)-691-4079




Primary Location: District Office

Shift Type: Full-Time

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Applications will be accepted beginning
Friday, April 13, 2018 12:00 AM
(Mountain Standard Time)

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