At Cartwright School District, we believe that when people love what they do, and when they believe in what they do, the results can be remarkable.

Our uniqueness is not found in our physical buildings or the technology available - though our schools boast tools and resources that far exceed state standards. As important as these things are, we know that our distinguishing feature of Cartwright School District is our people.

Join us. Let's elevate our community through empowering potential in every one of our students. How are you going to make your mark at Cartwright School District?

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I believe that all students can succeed. Tell me how I can put my passion for teaching into action.

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I believe that all students can thrive. Tell me how I can apply my administrative expertise towards building a framework of committed professionals that serve with compassion.

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I believe that innovation belongs in every moment. Tell me how I can transform the lives of our students through my area of expertise.

  • Teaching in the Cartwright District is amazing because of all the support you receive. Whether it’s on a daily basis at the school level, through district, or through the many PD opportunities, I’ve always felt incredibly supported no matter what it was that I needed!
    Daneè Krem, 4th Grade Teacher
  • One of the reasons I enjoy working for the Cartwright School District is because they provide numerous professional development opportunities throughout the year. This training is invaluable and has helped me grow as an educator.
    Lynette Matthews, 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Coming to work at the Cartwright School District every day feels like coming home. Parents, teachers, students, and administrators work together to ensure success for everyone.
    Cathy Dille, Instructional Support Specialist
  • I work in the Cartwright School District because they constantly strive to help you become a better educator both professionally and personally. If you want to grow as an educator, then Cartwright is the place for you!
    Sarah Akeley, Instructional Support Specialist
  • I work in Cartwright District because I enjoy the family friendly atmosphere that Cartwright fosters. My son attended Cartwright Schools and to this day he has fond memories of his time here. Cartwright just feels like home.
    Dr. Durden, Principal Starlight Park


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